E-Book: Simplify Your Imaging

Simple as a Selfie: One-Button Scientific Imaging

To explore biological systems, researchers perform experiments designed to generate a signal corresponding to a marker or mechanism of interest. Proper signal visualization, detection, and quantification are therefore paramount to the acquisition of accurate and reproducible data. Different experiments call for different visualization techniques, ranging from chemiluminescent antibodies for protein assays to laser-guided live animal whole-body fluorescent imaging. Technological advances now ensure that scientists have multiple imaging options to consider for most experiments.

Download this E-Book from The Scientist and Analytik Jena to find out more about:

  • Camera-based Western blotting techniques
  • Taking gel imaging to the next level
  • An overview of in vivo imaging technology
  • Parameters to consider to optimize in vivo imaging

Imaging systems featured in this E-Book

  • UVP ChemStudio Imagers
  • UVP GelStudio Imagers
  • UVP iBox Imagers

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