novAA® Series

novAA® means fast, simple and efficient AAS analysis. The novAA® series offers high-quality entry-level instrumentation for routine laboratories of all kinds. It includes fast, easy-to-use flame technology for industrial process and QC labs and contract labs with moderate sample loads. However, graphite furnace technology is also available, which is the most cost-effective trace analysis routine especially for small number of elements per sample. So, the novAA® series covers the complete range of fully automated single-element and sequential multi-element analysis. With a range of performance-enhancing accessories and user-friendly software tools, you can analyze samples from the food & agriculture, environmental, chemical & polymer and geology, mining & metals sectors simply and incredibly efficiently.

novAA® series - your advantages:

  • Application-optimized systems for flame, graphite furnace and hydride technology
  • Fast and reliable routine analysis for moderate sample loads over a wide concentration range
  • High degree of automation with the AS-F, AS-FD and AS-GF autosamplers for sampling, automatic dilution and preparation of standards and QC samples
  • High efficiency and ease of use thanks to performance-enhancing accessories, such as hydride systems, USB camera, scraper and switching valve technology (SFS 6.0) as well as SOPs for fast and simple method development