novAA® Series

The novAA® series covers up the complete range of fully automatic single element and sequential multi element analysis. There are flame AAS and compact spectrometers for all techniques. The novAA® series combines a unique union of performance, versatility, automation, reliability and flexibility:

  • 8 lamp changer for maximum automation and sample throughput
  • Single and double beam available
  • Highly intelligent ASpect® LS data analysis and control software — makes method development and optimization really efficient
  • Transverse-heated graphite furnace — diminishes matrix effects and improves the accuracy of results (novAA® 400 P)
  • Integrated High-end Vision Tool for best observation and control of sample injection and sample drying in the graphite tube (novAA® 400 P)
  • Direct analysis of solid samples (novAA® 400 P)
  • Automated flame technology — for high precision and speed
  • Flame autosampler — for maximum sample throughput and automatic dilution
  • Software controlled Segmented Flow Star (SFS) for injection mode operation
  • "Scraper": intelligent, automatic, software-controlled cleaning device
  • Tight control via Self Check System
  • Integrated RFID Tool for working with coded lamps (novAA® 400 P)
  • Integrated super lamp power supply for best analytical performance (novAA® 400 P)