Warranty Extension(1) (2)

Warranty Extension* products in the Business Unit Life Science. Register your product. The page describes what you must do.

We extent your warranty (1) (2)

We extend your warranty free to three years for many selected thermalcyclers. Register your product and benefit from the extended warranty. Quickly and easily — free of costs and obligations. You will run no risk.

Register online - realize more benefits(1) (2).
Easy step-by-step process to obtain the extended warranty:

1.Select your product.
2.Enter order serial number of your device.
3.Upload the delivery form as a PDF file.
4.Fill in your business information on the form. Required fields are marked with *.
5.Send the finished document to us.
6.After verification, we will send you a certificate of the registered product and the warranty periods.

Now register your product.

We guarantee for the following products:

Do you have questions? Please see our FAQ´s or contact us directly.

(1)Our terms of quarantee are warranty periods. Online registration and the extended warranty (from date of purchase) applies to all equipment purchased starting 01/01/2015. The registration of the equipment must be at the latest 6 months after delivery.

(2) 3 years warranty respectively up to 2,000,000 Biometra cycles – depending on which condition is met at first.