Tips for CyBio® Well vario and CyBio® Well

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CyBio® TipTrays are designed, manufactured and quality inspected with respect to automation requirements, in turn permitting unattended, precise and highly reproducible sample processing.

Customer-specifically racked CyBio® TipTrays allow for excluding a user-defined number of tips from the pipetting process. The layout of pipetting tips can be chosen freely to achieve exceptional pipetting patterns.

  • CyBio® TipTrays offer High Troughput Screening proven Tip Sealing Technology
  • Several tip types with and without filter cover a volume range from 0.2 µl to 250 µl




Tec Notes Pipetting Head CyBio® Well and CyBio® Well vario under Compounds

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Tips for CyBio® Well vario and CyBio® Well
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