• Seminario Internacional de Espectrometría Atómica | Seminarios para usuarios
    Fecha:29. August 2018
    Lugar:Bogota, Kolumbien | Universidad ECCI
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    • Espectrometria de Emisión Óptica de Alta Resolución con Plasma Inductivo
    • Espectrometria de Masas con Plasma Inductivo
    • Ablación con Laser Acoplado a ICP-MS y LIBS
    • Instrumentación y Aplicaciones

    En 29/08, va pasar el Seminario Internacional de Espectrometría Atómica, en Bogotá, Colombia en la Universidad ECCI, este evento es organizado por Analitica y Redes (distribuidor local de Analytik Jena) en colaboración con Analytik Jena y Applied Spectra. Las conferencias van a ser presentadas por el Dr. Sebastian Wünscher (Analytik Jena Alemania), el Dr. Julio Mattos (Analytik Jena, América Latina) con presentaciones de HR ICP-OES y ICP-MS, respectivamente, y representando Applied Spectra, el Dr. Jhanis Gonzales (Applied Spectra USA) con una presentación de LA y LIBS, para aplicaciones en combinación con ICP-MS.

    El objetivo de este evento es presentar las últimas tecnologías y avanzos en espectrometría atómica y aplicaciones direccionados a industria local, laboratorios de rutina, investigación y universidades.

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  • International Plant & Animal Genome XXVII | Ferias & exposiciones
    Fecha:January 12, 2019 - January 16, 2019
    Lugar:San Diego, CA/USA | Town & Country Hotel
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    International Plant & Animal Genome XXVII

    The Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG) will continue the momentum generated from the past 24 PAG meetings, and will bring together the leading genetic scientists and researchers involved in plant and animal research and related areas. With over 50 countries represented, the Plant & Animal Genome Conference provides an established forum for the exchange of information internationally as well as domestically. Scientific attendance is expected to exceed 3,000.

    Please visit us at our booth #230.

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  • SLAS 2019 | Congresos & convenciones
    Fecha:February 2 to 6, 2019
    Lugar:Washington, DC/USA | Walter E. Washington Convention Center
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    The SLAS Exhibition features more than 300 leading multinational providers of life science discovery and technology products and services. Always a highly rated aspect of the SLAS annual conference experience, the SLAS Exhibition is structured to facilitate friendly, professional interaction among providers and product/technology users.

    Destination Lab Automation #HowToFeliX

    Visit as at booth #837.

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  • European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry | Congresos & convenciones
    Fecha:February 3, 2019 - February 8, 2019
    Lugar:Pau/France | Palais Beaumont
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    The European Winter Conference 2019 will bring together international scientists experienced in applications, instrumentation, and theory in an informal setting to examine recent progress in the field.

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  • Medlab | Ferias & exposiciones
    Fecha:February 04, 2019 - February 07, 2019
    Lugar:Dubai/UAE | Dubai World Trade Centre
    Más información:

    MEDLAB is the flagship exhibition and congress of the MEDLAB Series portfolio, a collection of leading laboratory and diagnostics exhibitions and conferences worldwide, spanning across the Middle East, Asia, East/West Africa, Europe and the US.

    As the largest attended laboratory expo worldwide, MEDLAB stems from 15 years of growth alongside the MENA region's largest healthcare gathering, Arab Health. Moving into its 3rd year as a stand-alone show given its vigorous growth, this annual laboratory meeting is set to welcome over 600 exhibitors and more than 25,000 attendees from 129+ countries.

    Now co-located with the Obs-Gyne Exhibition, MEDLAB is the all encompassing event for every specialism within the laboratory management and diagnostics spectrum.

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  • PITTCON Confernece & Expo 2019 | Ferias & exposiciones
    Fecha:March 17, 2019 - March 21, 2019
    Lugar:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/USA | Pennsylvania Convention Center
    Más información:

    Pittcon, a vital resource for knowledge, happens yearly to help keep you informed of, connected to and up-to-date on significant ongoing findings and new instrumentation.

    Please visit our booth #1755.

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  • 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology | Ferias & exposiciones
    Fecha:March 20 to 23, 2019
    Lugar:Düsseldorf/Germany | Heinrich-Heine-Universität
    Más información:

     Preliminary programme topics:

    • Adaptive Immunity
    • Antiviral Therapy and Resistance
    • Clinical Virology
    • Diagnostic Methods and Tools
    • Emerging Viruses and Zoonosis
    • Epidemiology and Public Health
    • Evolution of Viruses – Viruses in Evolution
    • Host Cell Factors and Viral Modulation
    • Imaging
    • Innate Immunity
    • Intracellular Transport and Trafficking
    • Novel Experimental Systems and Tools in Virology
    • Next-/Third Generation Sequencing
    • Point of Care Systems in Virology Diagnostics
    • Structure, Assembly and Egress
    • Vaccines
    • Viral Pathogenesis and Persistence
    • Viral Replication Strategies
    • Viral Vectors and Gene Therapy
    • Viral Transformation and Oncogenesis
    • Virus Receptors and Entry



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  • AACR Annual Meeting 2019 | Congresos & convenciones
    Fecha:March 29, 2019 - April 03, 2019
    Lugar:Atlanta, Georgia/USA | Georgia World Congress Center
    Más información:

    AACR — American Association of Cancer Research

    Please visit our booths #4029 & #3923.

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  • Experimental Biology 2019 | Ferias & exposiciones
    Fecha:April 06, 2019 - April 09, 2019
    Lugar:Orlando, Florida/USA
    Más información:

    Experimental Biology is the annual meeting of five societies comprised of more than 14,000 scientists and 25 guest societies.
    Primary focus areas include anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, nutrition, pharmacology, and physiology. Attendees represent scientists from academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations and industry.
    This multidisciplinary, scientific meeting features plenary and award lectures, workshops, oral and posters presentations, on-site career services and exhibits spotlighting equipment, supplies and publications required for research labs and experimental study.

    Please visit us at booth #1203.

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  • National Conference Teachers Association 2019 | Congresos & convenciones
    Fecha:April 11, 2019 - April 14, 2019
    Lugar:Atlanta GA/USA | Georgia World Congress Center
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    Conference Program Strands

    • Three-Dimensional Grand Slam
    • Phenomena: Gateway to Learning
    • Jazzing Up Science with Cross-Curricular Connections
    • Confluence of Equity and Education

    Please visit us at booth #1661.

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