• CE-IVD certified purification system optimized to be used in conjunction with the corresponding RoboGene® Pathogen Detection Kit
  • Consistent high yields of ultra-pure RNA isolated from different kinds of cell-free body fluids and swabs
  • DC Technology®: Improved buffers realize shortened lysis, stabilization of desired  viral nucleic acid and  highly selective binding  to membrane-optimized Spin Filter
  • Fast and simple handling

Product Info

The INSTANT Virus RNA Kit is intended for use in conjunction with a corresponding RoboGene® Detection Kit, containing Extraction Tubes with Carrier RNA and an Internal Extraction Control to monitor purification, amplification and detection processes.

The INSTANT Virus RNA Kit not only allows highly effective and simple purification of viral RNA from serum, plasma or other cell-free body fluids, but also contains a protocol for purification from swabs. A novel extraction chemistry known as Dual Chemistry Technology (DC-Technology®) with its exceptionally efficient washing steps guarantees the ability to isolate highly pure viral nucleic acids and minimizes carryover of potential PCR inhibitors. Nucleic acid isolation based on Spin Filter columns is very easy in Handling and certified to be used for in vitro diagnostic applications (CE-IVD).

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10 reactions


50 reactions


250 reactions

* Please use for ordering in conjunction with the corresponding RoboGene® Detection Kit.


Starting material:

  • Serum, plasma, cell-free body fluids (150 µl)
  • Swabs

Detection time:

Approx. 30 minutes


2x of 30 µl Elution Buffer


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