PME free-circulating DNA Extraction Kit

PME free-circulating DNA Extraction Kit


  • ƒEasy handling, high efficiency and extremely time saving
  • Processing of starting sample volumes up to 5 ml
  • Proven for serum and plasma from different blood collection systems
  • ƒNovel, patent pending technology: Polymer Mediated Enrichment (PME)
  • Enrichment & extraction in approx. 30 min from 1 ml or approx. 1 h from 5 ml of serum or plasma and up to 10 ml from urine

Product Info

Circulating cell-free DNA is a very interesting diagnostic target, but the amount of free-circulating DNA is usually very low and varies among different individuals. Further, these nucleic acids are present as short fragments, typically smaller than 1000 nt, making the efficient extraction process challenging. Because of the high sample volumes the protocols of commercially available kits are very labor-intensive as well as time consuming and need a lot of reagents. The PME free-circulating DNA Extraction Kit is based on a new, patent-pending technology called PMEPolymer Mediated Enrichment. As first step cell-free DNA in the entire sample is captured by a polymer. Afterwards this complex is collected as a pellet by centrifugation. Subsequently the captured nucleic acid is dissolved in a special buffer thus reducing the sample volume in the following extraction significantly.

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10 reactions


50 reactions


Starting material:

  • ƒSerum, plasma and urine ƒƒ
  • Cell culture supernatants or mediums ƒƒ
  • Other cell-free body fluids (except urine) ƒƒ
  • From up to 5 ml (plasma) or 10 ml (urine)

Extraction time:

  • ƒƒFrom 1 ml starting sample: approx. 30 min ƒƒ
  • From 5 ml starting sample: approx. 1 h ƒƒ
  • From 5 ml and 10 ml starting sample: approx 1 h

Field of applications:

  • ƒƒTumor and prenatal diagnosis
  • ƒƒPathological states, including trauma, sepsis, myocardial infarction, stroke, transplantation, diabetes mellitus, and hematologic disorders


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