PCR-grade H2O


  • ƒƒContains no nucleases (DNase or RNase)
  • Contains no gDNA or nucleic acid contaminants
  • Contains no proteases
  • Suitable for use in microbiology, PCR and real-time PCR applications
  • Autoclaved and membrane filtered
  • No DEPC treatment

Product Info

PCR-grade H2O contains no nucleases or nucleic acids of any kind that could produce false positives in real-time PCR. This product can be used for all molecular biology techniques, as it contains only sterile, deionized water and no chemicals such as DEPC (diethylpyrocarbonate). The water can be used immediately and requires no preparation, mixing or autoclaving steps.

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2.0 ml


5x 2.0 ml


Quality control:

PCR-grade H2O is tested for bacterial contamination using real-time PCR. Store at -20°C and aliquot to prevent repeated thawing and freezing.


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