innuPREP PCRpure Kit | innuPREP PCRpure 96 Kit


  • A new, 2-step process for performing PCR purification in just 3 minutes
  • Ability to process very small elution volumes of at least 10 µl
  • High rates of recovery for a large range of fragment lengths
  • Extremely fast and simple with minimal steps involved

Product Info

The innuPREP PCRpure Kit provides an extremely fast, simple and highly efficient method for purifying amplification products directly from PCR reaction mixtures and/or for concentrating PCR products. Purification is based on a two-step method and takes only approx. 3 minutes to complete. The need for previously standard wash steps is eliminated, thereby reducing the overall process to binding and elution. The process makes it possible to recover amplification products ranging in size from 60 bp to 30 kb with recovery rates of 75 % to 95 % depending on the length of the amplification product. Also, elution can be performed with a very small volume of just 10 µl, which eliminates the need for specialized »mini-elute« Spin Filter columns.

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innuPREP PCRpure Kit


10 reactions


50 reactions


250 reactions

innuPREP PCRpure 96 Kit*


2 x 96 reactions


4 x 96 reactions

* Using 96 well filter plates and a centrifuge makes it possible to process up to 96 samples in parallel in just approx. 30 minutes.


Starting material:

PCR reaction mixtures (up to 50 µl)

Extraction time:

  • Approx. 3 minutes
  • Based on a fast, 2-step process

Binding capacity:

Column binding capacity: > 20 µg

Fragment lengths:

> 60 bp – 30 kb

Average rate of recovery:

Approx. 60 % to 95 %, Depends on fragment length

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