CyBio® Overture

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Application and Instruments in Perfect Harmony

  • Simulate your well contents
  • Calculate your reagent quantities
  • Track your workflow with color ID

To translate manual pipetting workflows into the “language” of the pipettor has never been as simple as with CyBio® Overture. Simply configure your pipettor by using drag & drop. So you can arrange microplates, tubes, tips, pipetting tools and accessories on the deck of your pipettor. The pipetting sequence can also easily defined and rearranged by drag & drop.

The outcome of selected settings of pipetting instructions is visualized, so they are easily comprehensible. The handling of different reaction concentrations and reaction setups was never simpler. Define your stock and target concentrations and CyBio® Overture calculates the required transfer volumes for each component of your reaction setup.

With the instant well content analysis you can verify the expected result of your whole reaction setup. You simply need to click on the well to simulate the contents as they would be after the completion of the workflow. With our Smart Color Identification you can select and identify labware and working ranges easily. Different samples are instantly recognized and trackable through the workflow. You miss your favorite color? Just define one!


Technical Data

CyBio® Overture
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 and higher
Hard Drive500 MB
Monitor Resolution1024 x 768 Pixel, 24 Bit Colors

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