CyBio® Well


96- and 384- Channel Simultaneous Pipettor

The CyBio® Well fixed head, disposable tip pipettor can be configured with for 96 or 384 channels and for volume ranges from 200 nL to 1000 µL. The pipettor is ideal for HTS or research environments. In only 20 seconds, it pipettes and transports a 384-well microplate; in 30 seconds and in just four steps, it process 1536-well microplates. Procedures can be quickly and easily programmed with the CyBio® Composer software. The system consists either of a 3-, 4- or 5-position plate carriage respectively of a circularly 10 position transport system with space for processed plates and other accessories such as tip washing stations or reagent reservoirs. 

  • Fixed pipetting heads with different volume ranges
  • Fast and precise plate moving carriage (3, 4, 5 or 10 places)
  • A proven workhorse in HTS providing the highest reliability
  • Safe handling of microplates with up to 1536 wells
  • Accessories enable broad range of applications



Head 96/25 µl

Volume range:
0.1–25 µl
Precision [CV in %]* of specified volume range:
5-10 µl ≤ 2%
10-25 µl ≤ 1%

Head 96/250 µl

Volume range:
1–250 µl
Precision [CV in %]* of specified volume range:
10-25 µl ≤ 2%
25-250 µl ≤ 1%

Head 384/25 µl

Volume range:
0.1–25 µl
Precision [CV in %]* of specified volume range:
2-5 µl ≤ 2%
5-10 µl ≤ 1%  

*The specification of precision and trueness is based on the Analytik Jena internal gravimetric and photometric standard measurement procedure, which is published as Annex B7 in the ISO IWA 15 document ” Specification and method for the determination of volumetric performance of automated liquid handling systems“ ( The Application Note „Photometric and Gravimetric Liquid Handling Check Procedure to determine the Random Error (Precision) and the Systematic Error (Accuracy) of Automated Liquid Handling Systems (ALHS)“ describes this measuremet procedure in detail.
Every modification of this method may influence the results.

Technical Data

CyBio® Well
Weightca. 20 kg with 3,4 and 5 place linear transporting unit

ca. 50 kg with 10-place circular transporting unit
Pipetting ChannelsFixed 96 or 384 channels for disposable tips
Pipetting TipsDisposable tips: 250 DW, 250 SW
60μL, 25μL, 10μL polypropylene (PP) single- use tips
in standard version
sterile PCR-certified
or APR-compatible quality
Plate Formats96, 384, 1536

shallow and deep well
Plate Capacity3 with 3-place linear transporting unit

4 with 4-place linear transporting unit

5 with 5-place linear transporting unit

10 with 10-place circular transporting unit
Footprint (W x D in mm)960 x 260 mm with 3-place linear transporting unit

1300 x 260 mm with 4-place linear transporting unit

1650 x 260 mm with 5-place linear transporting unit

700 x 856 mm with 10-place circular transporting unit
Height (mm)501,5 mm shallow well
542,5 mm deep well
Volume Range0,1 - 250 µl dry and wet pipetting


The CyBio® Well is controlled by the Software CyBio® Composer Software.


  • Reformatting
  • Replication
  • Plate coating
  • Biochemical assays
  • ADME and cytotoxicity assays
  • Compound management
  • Molecular Biology assays (RNA silencing)
  • Cell handling


Applikative Reports

Technische Reports

Precision and Accuracy of the CyBio® Well vario as determined by using Artel’s Dual Dye Ratiometric Calibration Technology

Performance Data demonstrating the Efficiency of the Tip Wash Station of the CyBio® Well Family

ADME and cytotoxicity assays- Use of the CyBi®-Well for reagent addition and washing procedures


Multiplexed viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis assays for cell-based screening


Photometric and Gravimetric Liquid Handling Check Procedure to determine the Random Error (Precision) and the Systematic Error (Accuracy) of Automated Liquid Handling Systems (ALHS)


Optimized Washing of Disposable Tips after Transfer of DNA Samples


Results of Pipetting of Small Volumes using a 384 CyBio® Well


High-throughput 3D spheroid culture and drug testing using a 384 hanging drop array


An Automated Bioluminescent Assay For Measuring Phosphodiesterase Activity


Automation of Novel Assays for Cell-Based Multiplexing


Turbo-Mixing in Microplates


How to check multichannel HTS/uHTS liquid handling systems


Multidimensional proteom separation in preparative-scale using 96-fold parallel chromatography


Compound Management comes of age


Modern Methods of Drug Discovery


An Improved Method for Checking HTS/uHTS Liquid-Handling Systems


Evaluation of Liquid-Handling conditions in Microplates


Miniaturization of an Enzyme Assay (ß-Galactosidase) in the 384- and 1536-Well Plate Format


Label Free HTS Screening in Optical Spectroscopy


Miniaturization of a Functional Transcription Assay in Yeast (Human Progesterone Receptor) in the 384- and 1536-well Plate Format



Plate Transfer Unit

This additional module can be mounted to the CyBio® Well or CyBio® Well vario and allows the automatic relocation of a microplate to any carriage position.

Microplate adapter

Micro plate adapter allow you to use any type of micro plates of various manufacturers on our devices incl. adapter for specific application requirements.
(more ...)

Automated Reservoir Filling

The reagent reservoirs are designed for the storage and automatically refilling of liquids, such as buffers, DMSO…
(more ...)

Barcode Handling

For creation of barcodes, labeling of microplates as well as reading of barcodes within the process we offer tailor-made solutions.
(more ...)

Tip Wash Station

With the aid of these wash modules, tips in the 96 and 384 format can be washed automatically with pump-supported (active) inflow and drain, which helps you to reduce disposable costs.
(more ...)

Plate Handling and Storage

Efficient microplate storage with stackers enables fully automated processing of large batches of plates and increases your walk-away time.
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