Analytik Jena AG Expands its Series of Thermal Cyclers to Include the Biometra TAdvanced Twin

31.07.2017 | News

Jena, Germany, 31 July, 2017 — Analytik Jena AG has expanded its series of premium Biometra TAdvanced thermal cyclers to include a new model: the Biometra TAdvanced Twin. Alongside the established block formats with 60, 96 and 384 sample positions, there are also double block variants for vessels with a capacity of 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml respectively. These twin blocks offer the flexibility of two devices in one housing. Both blocks can share a program and can be started independently of one another or simultaneously. A version of the 2 x 48 well block with an added gradient function is also available as an option. Thanks to the “Linear Gradient Tool,” the optimal annealing temperature for new primer pairs can be determined through simple experimentation. Swapping between different sample blocks is a one-touch process due to the quick-change system in place for the blocks.

The known advantages of the Biometra TAdvanced series also include the new double block variants: The highest heating and cooling rates are reached thanks to modern control electronics and excellent temperature homogeneity is achieved for the entire block. The “High Performance Smart Lid” (HPSL) produces even contact pressure on the tube covers, regardless of which sample vessels are in use. This ensures short protocol times as well as precise and consistent results in all sample positions. Its user-friendly touch screen software, the new PCR control app and, last but not least, its ultra-low noise levels, even at peak performance, provides for maximal comfort during use.


Dana Schmidt
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