PlasmaQuant® MS

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PlasmaQuant® MS is the universal workhorse for a wide range of applications in routine analysis. It offers cost-effective and efficient analysis in environmental monitoring, food safety, quality control of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, agriculture, chemicals, and petrochemicals.

The PlasmaQuant® MS includes iCRC technology to effectively remove spectroscopic interferences while the ADD10, all-digital detection allows for fast, accurate multi-element analysis from ultra-trace to major levels in a single measurement.

A new and innovative RF generator produces robust plamsa conditions with only half the gas requirement of conventional ICP-MS, lowering the cost of owning and running your ICP-MS. Integrated Aerosol Dilution allows for automatic dilution of high matrix samples, reducing sample preparation times and contamination.

PlasmaQuant® MS — your benefits:

  • Perfect for routine applications
  • Eco Plasma — using half the argon gas
  • iCRC — interference management system with new BOOST technology
  • ADD10 — all-digital detection over 10 orders linear dynamic range
  • Integrated Aerosol Dilution
  • Small footprint and flexible configuration


With the intuitive worksheet interface of Analytik Jena’s ASpect MS software, all analysis data, mass scan graphics, calibration data, and data logs are available at the click of a button. Comprehensive quality control protocols ensure quality data for the entire analysis. Including aerosol dilution and new BOOST technology, Aspect MS software makes fast work of your most difficult samples.

ASpect MS features a range of automated options:

  • Setup and initialization routines
  • Plasma alignment
  • Mass calibration and resolution tests
  • AutoMax for easy method development

ASpect MS provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support.


An autosampler allows the effective routine analysis.

Technical Note Accessories: Sample Introduction Accessories for the PlasmaQuant® MS



Animation ICP-MS PlasmaQuant® MS series

The ICP-MS PlasmaQuant® MS provides superior performance which is achieved through the synergy of innovative technologies, from the next generation plasma system and dual-cone interface, to the ReflexION’s highly efficient, 3-dimensional focusing of ions into the high-definition quadrupole. They all work together to provide the world’s most sensitive ICP-MS.

Tutorial ICP-MS PlasmaQuant® MS Cone Exchange

This video provides a step-by-step tutorial for exchanging the cones on a PlasmaQuant® MS ICP-MS.The replacement of cones is a simple maintenance that ensures fast return to operation and thus high productivity and maintaining the exceptional performance of the system.