PlasmaQuant® MS — High Efficiency ReflexION Ion Optics for the Analytik Jena ICP-MS

18.11.2015 | News

The superior performance of the PlasmaQuant® MS is achieved through the synergy of innovative technologies. From the next generation plasma system and dual-cone interface, to the ReflexION’s highly efficient, 3-dimensional focusing of ions into the high-definition quadrupole. They all work together to provide the world’s most sensitive ICP-MS. The simultaneous removal of photons and neutral particles reduces the background to less than 1 count, allowing the lowest possible detection limits to be reached.

The ion optics assembly combines the ReflexION ion mirror and a set of extraction lenses that direct the ion beam towards the ion mirror. The parabolic electrostatic field produced by the ion mirror reflects the analyte ions 90° towards the entrance lens of the pre-quadrupole. Photons and neutral particles are not affected by the electrostatic field and harmlessly pass through the hollow structure to be removed by the vacuum system. By reflecting the ion beam, complete 3D control of the ion focal point is possible. The benefit is tunable sensitivity that can be optimized to your specific application needs. The intuitive ASpect MS software provides fast, automatic optimization of all ion lens settings.

  • Efficient transmission of analyte ions through the interface
  • Reflection of ion beam with 3D control of the focal point
  • Effective removal of photons and neutral particles
  • Optimal signal-to-background noise through 90° reflection
  • Automatic, user-defined optimization protocols for all parameters
  • Easy-to-use and maintenance-free design

PlasmaQuant® MS and PlasmaQuant® MS Elite


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