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28.11.2012 | Product Information

With a multi N/C® analyzer the parameters TOC, NPOC, POC, TC, TIC and TNb can be measured quickly, easily and without any conversion. This is possible thanks to the perfect combination of an efficient sample digestion technology, VITA® Flow Management System and Focus Radiation NDIR detector.

TOC and TNb are measured truly simultaneously, with a single injection and without any exchange of catalyst or method. A chemiluminescence detector (CLD) or a solid state chemodetector (ChD) ensure quantitative and reliable measurement of all organic and inorganic nitrogen compounds.

With variable injection techniques suitable for most diverse sample volumes and with an intelligent rinsing technique, there are no compromises for particle containing samples.

Due to temperatures of up to 1300 °C and sample amounts of up to 3 g, the solids module HT 1300 guarantees representative TOC measurement results, even in samples with a low level of homogeneity. And the worldwide unique double furnace technology offers a supplementary alternative for solids analysis.

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