Enzymatic Analyses in Clinical Chemistry with SPECORD® PLUS

27.02.2015 | Product Information

Due to their specificity related to action and substance, enzymes enable a multitude of simultaneous metabolic processes in the human body. Therefore, enzymatic methods are of great importance in routine clinical chemistry analysis.

The analysis with the aid of enzymes can be completed quickly and without extensive sample preparation. It is run under physiological conditions and the reagents are harmless and easy to handle. With the SPECORD® PLUS, enzymatic analysis is quick, easy and precise. The use of the Peltier-tempered accessories further allows the performance of analyses at exact defined temperatures. The basic WinASPECT® PLUS software for the SPECORD® PLUS includes a variety of enzymatic test kits and a comprehensive collection of enzymatic methods. With their help, the respective substance can be determined automatically. The analysis of important metabolites, such as blood sugar, uric acid, creatinine and the measurement of the body's own enzymes are very easy with the SPECORD® PLUS.

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