Total Sulfur Determination – Competitive, More Reliable, and Faster Than Ever Before with multi EA® 5000 (Kopie 1)

05.05.2014 | Product Information

Fast and cost-effective sulfur determination is an important task of process optimization and quality control in refineries. Even very low sulfur contaminations can poison the catalyst and thereby affect its effectiveness. To avoid troubles feed stocks, process streams, and final products must be monitored precisely. The most reliable method to do so is the thermal decomposition of samples followed by UV-fluorescence detection of the formed SO2 (e.g. ASTM D 7183, D 5453 or DIN 20846).

Dependent on the process step, the sulfur contents can vary in a broad range from a few ppb up to high ppm. With common analyzers the achievement of reliable results takes more or less time and effort dependent on TS content. Especially for ultra-traces and very high sulfur quantities, the process time is remarkably extended.

The multi EA® 5000 with novel HiPerSens® detector makes this job faster. The HiPerSens® combines highest sensitivity with an impressively broad linear operation range. This enables fast and correct sulfur analysis independent of the concentration. Time consuming sample treatment (dilution) or enrichment steps (trap and release) are redundant.

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