multi EA® 5000: Sulfur in LPG – Complying Accurate, Rapid and Safe with ASTM D 6667 and ASTM D 7551

28.02.2014 | Product Information

Liquefied pressurized gases are valuable feed materials in petrochemical and polymer industry for the synthesis of higher-molecular compounds. But sulfur impurities have negative effects on final products and catalysts. This necessitates a precise monitoring regarding ASTM D 6667 and ASTM D 7551. Their pressure requires a special metering technique, which ensures safe sample handling, reproducible dosing, soot-free combustion, and thereby reliable results.

multi EA® 5000 is the solution. A special dosing valve featuring a Peltier cooling prevents premature expansion of the sample and incomplete combustion. The system can even handle lowest pressures without auxiliary gas. A further advantage is the clearly reduced maintenance effort and the faster analysis due to a flexible selection of the sample volumes. Fast, accurate readings are now standard in routine labs – independent of operator, sample pressure and element content.

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